WWE 2K24 MyGM: Best Brand to Choose

Here's the best brand to choose in WWE 2K24 MyGM.
Here's the best brand to choose in WWE 2K24 MyGM. / Visual Concepts

Choosing the best brand to manage in WWE 2K24 MyGM is a little more complicated than you might think.

WWE 2K24 MyGM offers players the chance to run their own WWE brand. From drafting a roster of talent with a strict budget to booking weekly shows and even PPVs, MyGM gives fans a taste of what it is like running a major wrestling brand. You might be tempted to simply choose whichever brand is your favorite to watch, but there is actually a strategic way to ensure your future success in MyGM, and it all starts with your General Manager and brand.

Here's all the new and returning brands in WWE 2K24 MyGM, and exactly which one you should choose to get started.

WWE 2K24 MyGM: Full List of Brands & Power Card Effects

Check out the full list of brands and Power Card Effects available in WWE 2K24 MyGM.


Power Card

Power Card Effect


This is War

Select an opposing brand to have 3 randomly selected Superstars that cannot be booked in matches next week (cannot be used before a PPV/PLE).


Birth of Legends

6 random Superstars on your roster will have their popularity increased by +6.


Fighting Champion

Title matches booked for this week will receive a large match rating boost.

NXT 2.0

Fresh Meat

Reduce the price of the next 3 Free Agents you purchase this week by 50%.


Classically Trained

Extend the duration of all your current Legends contracts by 3 weeks,


Extreme Rules

x2 Per Season—Block all opposing brands from using 3 randomly selected champions in next week's show.

WWE 2K24 MyGM: Best Brand to Choose

In WWE 2K24 MyGM, the best brand to choose is SmackDown. Although WCW or ECW might be more exciting to manage, SmackDown offers the best Power Card Effects; having six of your superstars gain +6 Popularity without having to spend any money on promos or matches is too good to pass up.

Now, if you really wanted to create a storyline in MyGM, you could recreate the Monday Night Wars between Raw and WCW. You can even have Stephanie McMahon run Raw and Eric Bischoff manage WCW.

Ultimately, though, if you just want purely the best brand to start with in MyGM, then the answer is SmackDown. If you are a veteran MyGM player and want a fresh experience, then choose ECW.

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