Way Too Early Differences Between F1 23 and F1 24

Check out the way too early differences between F1 23 and F1 24.
Check out the way too early differences between F1 23 and F1 24. / EA Sports

Although so much is still unknown about F1 24, we complied a list of the early differences between F1 23 and F1 24.

Just four days before the first race of the Formula 1 2024 calendar, EA Sports finally dropped the trailer for F1 24. F1 fans will once again get to manage their own team, compete for the World Championship, and more in F1 24. The next installment in the F1 franchise, coming in a few months, includes exciting new features we did not see in F1 23. The developers might be keeping the full details under wraps for now, but they teased several changes from F1 23 to F1 24 that fans will be thrilled to see.

Check out what differences to expect in F1 24.

Way Too Early Differences Between F1 23 and F1 24

It might be too early to draw concrete conclusions, but there are already a few differences between F1 23 and F1 24. Check out both the expected and announced changes coming to F1 24.

Career Mode

Career mode is certainly receiving some of the biggest changes in F1 24. Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director at Codemasters, promised "an overhauled Career mode" in the new title. Although the statement comes without specific details, fans can surely stop worrying about getting a Braking Point 3.

In fact, the official F1 24 page on EA Sports' website confirms an "all-new Driver Career mode with new gameplay rooted in the sport." Hopefully EA Sports took inspiration from MyCAREER mode in NBA 2K24 to finally bring an engaging, fresh storyline to F1 24.

EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling System

Mather also revealed a "new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling System" is coming in F1 24. Although the handling and grip in F1 23 was a vast improvement to the gameplay in F1 22, the upcoming system in F1 24 sounds like the most realistic of them all.

The description on the EA Sports' website reads, "Get to grips with more authentic handling. The latest physics gives you more control over how your personal driving style impacts your car's performance and race strategy."

New Teams on the Grid

Of course, F1 24 will also feature different teams on the grid compared to F1 23. Although the roster of drivers remains unchanged from the F1 2023 season, there are a couple teams under new ownership. For the first time, we will see Stake F1 and Visa Cash App RB in both F1 24 and IRL.

Full F1 24 Reveal Coming in April 2024

The full F1 24 reveal is coming in April 2024, about a month before the title releases on May 31, 2024. Once the developers reveal gameplay footage, as well as Career mode storylines, we will know for sure the true differences between the upcoming release and last year's title.

The developers have not revealed the exact date of the deep dive just yet, so stay tuned for more updates. Follow the official EA Sports F1 X account to be the first to see new updates as the release date approaches.