Three Fan Favorite Players Who Need to Return to MLB The Show

San Diego Studios should try and get the rights for these three fan favorites to return to MLB The Show.
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki
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Ichiro Suzuki was a star in Japan in the 90s before making his way to the United States. He made his debut in 2001 and didn’t look back, winning Rookie of the Year and MVP in ‘01, making 10 straight all-star games, winning 10 Gold Gloves, breaking the single-season hit record in ‘04, and despite debuting at 27, reaching 3089 Major League hits. Combined with his numbers in Japan, Ichiro has more hits than Pete Rose.

Ichiro was beloved in Seattle, New York, and Miami. There are multiple different Milestone cards that MLB The Show could make with Ichiro. The first would be his 3,000-hit accomplishment, which he achieved on Aug. 7, 2016, with the Marlins. It would be impossible not to give him a card to commemorate his seasons in Seattle, and a Milestone card for his 262-hit season in ‘04 would be another good idea. Ichiro’s 10 Gold Gloves in right field are the most by any right fielder in American League history; another great option for a Milestone card. SDS could give Ichiro an Awards series card for his MVP or Rookie of the Year as well.

There would be plenty of fanfare for an Ichiro return. He’d probably have 125 contact vs both sides of the plate, but probably less than 70 power. But then again, they have given Tony Gwynn, a hitter with a similar profile 80+ power on some of his cards so players are more likely to use him. Either way, he’d have 95+ fielding along with 99 arm and 90+ speed.