The Most Iconic Diamond Dynasty Cards in MLB The Show History

MLB The Show has its share of memorable Diamond Dynasty cards, but let's take a look at the most iconic ones in the franchise's history.
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Signature Series Willie Mays (MLB 19)

Van Slyke, Willie Mays
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Immortals did not work out well for MLB The Show 18. There was an insane amount of grinding and stubs needed to even get one. So, in MLB The Show 19, they introduced Signature Series cards. Similar to Immortals, they were the best version of the players in the game but significantly easier to get. The Live series collection reward, Willie Mays, was his game’s version of Babe Ruth and Ken Griffey Jr. (both of whom were still in the game), as he was the new legend the trailer showcased.

Some may argue that this is still the best Willie Mays we have ever gotten in-game, and you can see why. Mays had 114/117 contact vs RHP/LHP with 106/118 power. He also had over 110 vision at 116. He was a one of the best fielding outfielders with 98 fielding, high enough where you got a diamond fielding badge at all three outfield spots. Mays had 92 arm strength and speed, making him more than playable at all three outfield spots.