The Most Iconic Diamond Dynasty Cards in MLB The Show History

MLB The Show has its share of memorable Diamond Dynasty cards, but let's take a look at the most iconic ones in the franchise's history.
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MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty mode wouldn’t be anything without the flashback cards we get every year. Plenty of legends are added to the game each year, and modern players get flashback cards showcasing some of the best seasons of their career or their outstanding play from that season.

MLB The Show has its iconic cards, and today, I want to look at the most memorable ones from each MLB The Show game. These were the guys everyone thinks of when you mention MLB The Show, the ones players used the most often, and the ones that created a lasting impact on the game franchise.

Reggie Stocker (MLB 16)

We will likely never get any sort of Barry Bonds cards in any future MLB games, whether that be MLB The Show or any other future franchise, as he refuses to give up his name and likeness rights. However, that hasn’t stopped game developers from implementing him in some way, shape, or form. In the early 2000s, MVP Baseball put a man called John Dowd in their games as a substitute for Bonds. MLB The Show’s John Dowd was Reggie Stocker.

Stocker was the National League collection reward and had by far the best-hitting attributes in the game. He had 99 power vs both left-handed pitching and right-handed pitching. He had great contact with 94 vs RHP and 82 vs LHP. He also had 91 plate vision. Stocker came with excellent fielding at 84 but a weaker arm with just 68 arm strength. He could play all three outfield positions and, with 80 speed, could cover ground anywhere you put him. Fans have been wanting Bonds back in the game for years now, and I wouldn’t rule out the return of Reggie Stocker in the future.