Ranking the Five Best FIFA Team of the Year Squads in History

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1. EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports

It might be cliché to say this, but this upcoming TOTY squad is already the best of all time and it isn't close. We're going to have 24 total TOTY cards, plus TOTY Icons plus Honorable Mentions. If you've been paying attention to leaks, this squad is absolutely stacked. We won't spoil anything for you now, since as of writing the promotion begins in two days on Jan. 19.

Not only are we getting the return of TOTY Icons and TOTY Honorable Mentions, but we're also getting a full women's TOTY squad. The players leaked look absolutely incredible and will be game-changing. The women's squad might very well end up being more popular than the men's squad and this is the first year women footballers have been introduced in Ultimate Team.

Not to mention, these cards will also be the first cards in FC history to receive two PlayStyle+ attributes. Absolutely game-breaking, meta-shifting and players can't wait to get their hands on them.