One New MLB The Show Legend For Each Team: National League Central

With MLB The Show 24 around the corner, let's look at one new legend for each National League Central team.

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Cincinnati Reds

Jim Maloney

Jim Maloney was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds from 1960 through 1970. The right-hander was one of the most dominant pitchers in the game during the 60s, but injuries tore down what once looked like a potential Hall of Fame career. Maloney still ended his career with a 3.19 ERA (115 ERA+), 3.13 FIP, and 1.30 WHIP in 1849 innings, but his last full season was at just 29 years old.

Maloney would fit well into MLB The Show. He consistently struck out a lot of batters for his era with an 8.9 K/9 ratio from ‘63 through ‘66. He also had a hits/9 rate of just 6.9 in those four seasons. Maloney had both an ERA and FIP below 3.00 at 2.70 and 2.68, respectively throughout these four years. Maloney would probably get a Retro Finest card for one of his seasons in the early-60s.