One New MLB The Show Legend For Each Team: American League East

Let's look at one new legend that would be fun to have in MLB The Show 24 from the American League East.
New York Yankees Joe DiMaggio at Bat
New York Yankees Joe DiMaggio at Bat / George Rinhart/GettyImages
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The American League East has some of the most storied franchises in baseball history. The history of the sport couldn’t be told without the New York Yankees and BostoN Red Sox. Not only did these two teams have some of the most historic players in baseball, but have one of the most notorious rivalries, not just in their own sport, but across all pro sports in the world. The Baltimore Orioles have also been around for a long time with many legendary players passing through their franchise, and the Toronto Blue Jays have had some massive moments in the Postseason, such as Joe Carter’s walk off home run. Even the Tampa Bay Rays are important to baseball’s history because they changed the way teams approach player development, analysis, scouting, analytics, and how franchises as a whole are run.

With MLB The Show 24 just around the corner, I want to go through each and every division in MLB and list new legends I’d like to see from each team. Last time, we looked at new legends for each National League East team, and now we’re heading over to their American League counterparts.

New York Yankees

Joe DiMaggio

One of the best players in the New York Yankees’ history that isn’t in MLB The Show is center fielder Joe DiMaggio. DiMaggio played in parts of 13 MLB seasons from 1936 through 1951, making the All-Star game each and every season. DiMaggio was one of the best batters in baseball leading up to his retirement in 1951 when he finished his career with a .325/.398/.579 triple-slash, 155 OPS+, 361 home runs, and 2214 hits. Had DiMaggio not had to serve in the military for three seasons in ‘43 to ‘45, he may have reached 3000+ hits and 400+ home runs.

Even though he wasn’t able to reach those milestones, DiMaggio still had an extremely impressive career. If SDS were to give DiMaggio a card, his best would definitely be a Milestone series card for his 56-game hit streak in 1941. That is still the MLB record today. Another milestone card would be for his 13 straight all-star games. He also had nine World Series rings, which is the second most of any player. Of course, any of his three MVP seasons could be made into Award series cards as well.