One New MLB The Show Legend For Each Team: American League Central

Let's look at one new legend San Diego Studios could introduce for each American League Central team.
World Series - Kansas City Royals v New York Mets - Game Four
World Series - Kansas City Royals v New York Mets - Game Four / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages
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Detroit Tigers

Lou Whitaker

Lou Whitaker is one of the best players not in the Hall of Fame (minus controversial figures like Barry Bonds and Pete Rose). The second baseman played his entire 19 season career with the Detroit Tigers. He batted .276/.363/.426 with a 117 OPS+ throughout his MLB tenure. Whitaker had 2369 hits and with +75.1 bWAR, he has the most among any primary second baseman of all-time. 

I don’t think there is just one season you could base a Lou Whitaker card on. He was consistently good for a long period of time. From 1982 to 1993, his OPS+ dipped below 110 just twice, but only went above 140 once. His contact and plate vision would be his best non-clutch attributes, but he also hit a dozen or more home runs for 11 straight seasons too, so he would have some decent power as well. He’d also have good fielding as he won three Gold Gloves with +16.3 defensive WAR and have decent speed.