MLB The Show 24 Removes Create-a-Players From Diamond Dynasty

With the latest release of MLB the Show just over a week away, San Diego Studios announced they will no longer allow create a players in Diamond Dynasty.
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The long-anticipated release of MLB The Show 24 is now less than two weeks away. With the new game launching very soon, San Diego Studios announced some changes to Diamond Dynasty for the newest installment of the baseball video game.

The popular feature allowing fans to add their created players from Road to the Show to their Diamond Dynasty squads has been removed for the newest installment. This may be a controversial move for the game, but diehard fans of the game know the struggle of facing created pitchers with absurd pitch repertoires and animations. On the hitting side, created players were able to have 99-plus contact and power stats with additional perks on top of being switch hitters with customizable batting stances.

MLB The Show 24 Removes Create-a-Players From Diamond Dynasty

In my opinion, removing this feature is a step in the right direction for the competitive scene of the game. MLB The Show was the last sports game to allow created players to be used in their online team building mode. Removing this also takes away the advantage of using players with unrealistic attributes and animations. Separating Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty will also enhance the single player experience for those who decide they do not want to play online game modes.

It will be interesting to see if any more changes are announced to the popular game ahead of MLB The Show 24's release on March 19.