MLB The Show 24 Needs More Program Content

San Diego Studios needs to make programs in MLB The Show 24 more rewarding with more cards.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

MLB The Show 24 released on March 15. Since then, there have been four programs released for Diamond Dynasty. This includes the Sandy Alcantara starter program, the Spring Breakout Program, the Easter Egg Hunt program, and the newest Season One Awards Drop program. Each one is fairly easy to complete, and only playing the game semi-regularly will get you some decent cards.

Although there were only five programs in the game at this point last year (one being the Weekly Wonders), there was a lot, and I mean A LOT, more content. This year, programs have a lot less content. Although I understand that San Diego Studios is taking a different approach to content this season with power creep returning to their content model, they’ve subsequently made the game a lot more grindy and less no money spent friendly.

For example, the first program of the year in MLB The Show 23 was the World Baseball Classic Program. This program had 18 player cards within the first 100 program stars. There were also seven other unlockable cards, and another choice pack. This dropped day one and the entire program could be completed without spending any stubs. 

While I’m not asking for that many cards in every program, the Spring Breakout program had the chance to be this year’s WBC program from last year. This program has seven unlockable cards that do not require any stubs. However, there are 16 more that are behind packs, or cost stubs on the market. Granted, most aren’t overly expensive. But a bigger problem is that none of these cards are unlockable via the program. You do not get a single pack with any increased chance to unlock any of these 16 cards from the program, which seems like a massively missed opportunity by SDS.

The same can be said about the Season One Awards Drop program. There are four free cards that you can get through doing moments and playing the game, but there are also four more cards that are behind 30K stub packs or on the market. You must either buy the pack, or the cards via the market in order to get any of them, and no Season One Awards packs are unlockable in the Season One Awards program.

I think there is a way to both give more content and keep power creep in the game. All they would need to do is make some of the cards more accessible via doing programs, and including packs in the programs. If they had added two Spring Breakout choice packs to the Spring Breakout program, and a Season One Awards pack to the Season One Awards Drop program, they would have made the content much better than it currently is.