MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal Announced, How to Watch

San Diego Studios

The MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal has officially been announced by San Diego Studios as the hype and anticipation starts to build for the next entry in the franchise.

The MLB offseason is starting to wind down as fans prepare for not only Spring Training and the 2024 season, but also a new entry in the flagship baseball video game franchise. Part of the excitement that builds for a new MLB The Show game is the reveal for who will be on the cover of the game. The cover reveal also usually features a special edition, and gives fans hints of what to expect early on in the popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

Here's when the MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal is taking place, and where fans can tune in.

MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal Date

The cover athlete reveal special will take place Jan. 30 at 1 p.m. ET. San Diego Studios posted a special trailer on social media announcing the event. The trailer features an old school AM/FM radio and the suspected voice of franchise mascot Coach rattling off what most would hear at a ballpark. Get your peanuts, get your popcorn, etc. But, most importantly, players should get their MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal.

Head to the link here for the countdown page.

How to Watch MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Reveal

Fans will be able to watch the Cover Athlete Reveal on both Twitch and YouTube.

MLB The Show Cover Athlete History

Here's the entire history of MLB The Show cover athletes:

  • MLB The Show 23 - Jazz Chisholm Jr.
  • MLB The Show 22 - Shohei Ohtani
  • MLB The Show 21 - Fernando Tatis Jr.
  • MLB The Show 20 - Javier Baez
  • MLB The Show 19 - Bryce Harper
  • MLB The Show 18 - Aaron Judge
  • MLB The Show 17 - Ken Griffey Jr.
  • MLB The Show 16 - Josh Donaldson
  • MLB The Show 15 - Yasiel Puig
  • MLB The Show 14 - Miguel Cabrera
  • MLB The Show 13 - Andrew McCutchen
  • MLB The Show 12 - Adrian Gonzalez
  • MLB The Show 11 - Joe Mauer
  • MLB The Show 10 - Joe Mauer
  • MLB The Show 09 - Dustin Pedroia
  • MLB The Show 08 - Ryan Howard
  • MLB The Show 07 - David Wright
  • MLB The Show 06 - David Ortiz

MLB The Show 24 Cover Athlete Predictions

Check out our list of four popular candidates who could grace the cover of this year's entry in MLB The Show.