How to Pre-Order F1 24

Here's how to pre-order F1 24.
Here's how to pre-order F1 24. / EA Sports

After EA Sports delivered a worldwide teaser for F1 24, fans can now pre-order F1 24 on platforms.

The Formula 1 2024 calendar kicks off this weekend in Bahrain as the 20 drivers take the grid for the first time since 2023. To celebrate the return of F1, EA Sports dropped an exclusive trailer for F1 24, the next installment in the F1 video game franchise. After F1 23 garnered relatively positive reviews, F1 24 is set to bring even more changes and additions to the grid in a few months. Once the trailer dropped, pre-orders also went live on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Here's a breakdown of how to pre-order F1 24.

How to Pre-Order F1 24

To pre-order F1 24, head to the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, or Epic Games Store and purchase the game for your desired platform. You must choose whether you want the Standard Edition or the Champions Edition.

Pre-ordering F1 24 Champions Edition anytime before it releases on May 31, 2024 grants multiple rewards, including early access to the title. However, those who pre-order it by Apr. 24, 2024 will also instantly receive the McLaren, Williams, Alpine, and Haas 2024 liveries, along with the McLaren and Alpine F1 esports liveries, instantly in F1 23 Time Trial. Plus, they will unlock the McLaren & Alpine F1 esports liveries in F1 24 at game launch as well.

How Much Does F1 24 Cost? Answered

The F1 24 Standard Edition costs $69.99 and the F1 24 Champions Edition costs $89.99. EA Play subscribers get a discount on the pre-order, saving $7 on the Standard Edition and $9 on the Champions Edition.

Who is the F1 24 Cover Star? Answered

As of now, the F1 24 cover star is still unknown. The teaser image for the game features a silhouetted figure on both the Standard Edition and the Champions Edition. Of course, Verstappen will likely grace the Champions Edition cover again after winning his third World Championship.

As for the Standard Edition cover, we expect there to be more than one star, similar to the F1 23 cover where Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc took center stage. Perhaps it is time for Fernando Alonso and George Russell to stand next to each other on the F1 24 cover.