How to Get Free Captain Derek Jeter in MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty

Sony San Diego Studios

Storylines are back in MLB The Show 24 and players can actually add a special Derek Jeter to their Diamond Dynasty squads before even opening a single pack.

Storylines reenact the special moments in players' careers through special moments challenges. The Negro Leagues Storylines are back this year again, but now there's also a special Storylines for Derek Jeter at launch. Jeter was the headline Legend returning to the game last year, and he was honored with the MLB Live Series Collection reward at 99 overall. Now, at launch, players can earn an 85 Diamond Captain Jeter to help round out their starter squads.

Here's how to complete all the Derek Jeter Storyline Moments to earn the 85 Diamond Captain.

How to Get Free Captain Derek Jeter in MLB The Show 24 Diamond Dynasty

1995 - Three Challenges

  • Welcome to the Show - Tally 1 Hit
  • Bronx Beginnings - Tally 1 Extra Base Hit
  • Unexpected Production - Tally 1 Hit and 1 RBI

1996 - Four Challenges

  • Outstanding Opening Day - Tally 4 Total Bases
  • Rivalry Game Walk-Off - Get 1 Hit in 1 At-Bat
  • A Little Help? - Hit 1 Home Run in 1 At-Bat
  • World Series Debut - Tally 1 Hit, 1 RBI

1998 - Three Challenges

  • The Hits Keep on Coming - Tally 2 Hits
  • Jump Throw - Execute a perfect Jump Throw from shortstop to 1st Base
  • 1998 World Series - Tally 2 Hits, 1 RBI

1999 - Three Challenges

  • 100 RBI Season - Tally 2 RBI
  • Postseason Power - Tally 4 Total Bases
  • How Sweep It Is - Tally 2 Hits

2000 - Three Challenges

  • All-Star MVP - Tally 3 Total Bases
  • Rapid Replay - Execute a perfect relay throw to record an out at home plate
  • Leadoff Liftoff - Tally 2 Hits

After completing all five years, players will earn the special Subway Series Captain Jeter. The card is part of the Core Set meaning players won't have to worry about substituting this card out when new Seasons are released. There are still more Storylines set to come in MLB The Show 24 so hopefully players will be able to upgrade this version of Jeter, or earn a better version in future content updates.

That's not all players can earn from the Jeter Storylines program. Players can also earn the following cards through the available missions:

  • 85 Diamond Andy Pettite
  • 84 Gold Greg Maddux
  • 85 Diamond Paul O'Neill
  • 84 Gold Mariano Rivera
  • 84 Gold Chili Davis
  • 84 Gold Jorge Posada

This is the perfect mode for Yankees fans to dive into first to build out a decent starter team in Diamond Dynasty.