Four New Legends to Introduce to MLB The Show 24

Let's look at four legends that would be awesome if they were introduced in MLB The Show 24.
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Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum, Bruce Bochy
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Tim Lincecum hasn’t been in the game since MLB 17 The Show when he was still in baseball. Many fans have been clamoring for the return of Lincecum to the game. He was a fan-favorite, his peak was short-lived, but very memorable where he made four all-star games, won two Cy Youngs, and finished top 10 in said voting in his first four MLB seasons.

Lincecum pitched in parts of ten MLB seasons, nine of which were with the San Francisco Giants and one with the Los Angeles Angels. He had a 3.74 ERA with an 8.1 hits/9, 3.6 BB/9, and 9.3 K/9 rates throughout 1682 career innings. But his prime was outstanding and could easily be showcased in MLB The Show once again.

If you were to commemorate one season of his career in MLB The Show, it would be his 2009 Cy Young campaign. During that year, he had a 2.48 ERA, 6.2 hits/9, 2.7 BB/9, and 10.4 K/9 rates. Lincecum led the league in strikeouts, K/9 rate, and FIP at 2.34. Lincecum did receive an awards card in MLB 17 The Show for his ‘09 Cy Young campaign, which was the last great Lincecum card we got.

There are a few alternatives aside from an Awards card. He had some popular nicknames, including "The Freak" and "Big Time Timmy Jim." If SDS brings back Incognito cards, he could get one based on one of his nicknames. A Retro Finest could also be an alternative. A flashback Posteason card would also work based on his 2010 Postseason when the Giants one their first of three World Series in five years. During that Postseason, Lincecum pitched 37 innings, striking out 43, only walking nine, and pitching a complete game shutout in the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves.

Lincecum would likely have 110+ hits and K’s per-9, as well as 90+ BB/9. Clutch would also likely be very high because he was a great postseason pitcher throughout his career. It would be great if they were able to bring Lincecum back into the game. Fans have been awaiting his return since his retirement, and they could bring him back in a big way in 2024. Imagine if he was the NL collection reward in MLB The Show 24.