Four New Legends to Introduce to MLB The Show 24

Let's look at four legends that would be awesome if they were introduced in MLB The Show 24.
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Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu
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Bobby Abreu was a two-time All-Star and Home Run Derby champion throughout his 18-season career. In 10,081 career plate appearances, Abreu batted .291/.395/.475, stealing a total of 400 bases while also hitting 288 home runs. Abreu would bring another good right fielder to the game and possibly bring multiple different cards.

The first one would be pretty obvious, and that would be a flashback Home Run Derby card. Abreu won the 2005 event, but did it in style. He broke multiple records at the time. The first was his 24 home runs in the first round. The second was the total home runs he hit, which came in at 41. Given how historic this derby was, they could give him a flashback Home Run Derby card as a set collection if they opt to do sets again in 24.

They could also give Abreu a milestone card if he were added into the game. The year I would focus on is his 2004 season, where he hit 30 home runs and stole 40 bases. A 30/40 season has only been accomplished 21 times in baseball history. That’s also his third-best season per OPS+ at 145 and per bWAR at +6.6. Alternatively, he could get a retro Finest card for this season.

Either way, this is a card that would have 90+ speed and stealing, along with 110+ power vs both lefties and righties. He also hit over .300 with more walks (17.8%) than strikeouts (16.3%), so he’d likely get over 100+ contact vs lefties and righties. Fielding, however, might fall short of 90, as he only had +1 defensive run saved. But he still should get at least 85 so he can have the gold badge at any position. He’d also likely have a 90+ arm, as he made 13 outfield assists.

I think there would be a lot of possibilities with Abreu. If Abreu were added into the game next year, he would almost have to get a home run derby card. That would be robbery if he didn’t. But he could also receive a retro finest card to honor one of his best seasons, or a Milestone card to commemorate his speed/power combo he had in his prime.