F1 24 Release Date

Here's the F1 24 release date.
Here's the F1 24 release date. / EA Sports

With the first race of the Formula 1 2024 calendar just a few days away, EA Sports finally revealed the F1 24 release date.

After a year of Max Verstappen and Red Bull dominance, F1 is back in 2024, kicking the season off in Bahrain. Although Verstappen is still the projected favorite to once again win the World Championship, a new calendar year always promises fresh storylines, recurring rivalries, and the possibility for chaos. As the drivers prepare to return to the grid, fans across the world also must get ready for their turn to compete in F1 with the release of F1 24.

So, how much longer do fans have to wait for F1 24 to drop?

F1 24 Release Date

F1 24 will be released on Friday, May 31, 2024. EA Sports dropped the first exclusive look at the upcoming title, giving fans a preview of what to expect come May.

Although the teaser is only 33 seconds long, it promises nonstop action on the grid, both in real life and online. The trailer showcases clips of Verstappen and Hamilton racing alongside one another and Leclerc's Ferrari passing through the field before they turn into F1 24 visuals, increasing the hype for the game by tenfold.

F1 24 Platforms: Full List

F1 24 will be available to play on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PC

Both Current Gen and Next Gen consoles will support the game, and unlike NBA 2K, F1 24 will be the same on both PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4/Xbox One. Those looking to play on PC can purchase the game from the EA App, Epic Games Store, or Steam.

When is the F1 24 Full Reveal? Answered

The F1 24 full reveal is coming in April 2024. Although the developers did not reveal the exact date just yet, they promised to "unveil additional details about F1 24's features, modes, and more" soon.

We expect the full reveal to include the cover star as well. As of now, the F1 24 cover is simply a silhouetted figure, but in a couple months, we will all know for sure which F1 athlete will be front and center.