F1 24 Pre-Order Bonuses

Here's all the F1 24 pre-order bonuses.
Here's all the F1 24 pre-order bonuses. / EA Sports

EA Sports released several must-have F1 24 pre-order bonuses for both the Standard and Champions Editions, including early access to the upcoming release.

As fans across the globe await the start of the Formula 1 2024 season, EA Sports dropped the first official teaser for F1 24. Although the short trailer gave nothing away, including the game's future cover stars, it did reveal the release date of the game—May 31, 2024. The developers also announced the long list of pre-order bonuses available to those who purchase the title early on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.

Here's all the F1 24 pre-order bonuses.

F1 24 Pre-Order Bonuses: Standard Edition

Check out all the F1 24 pre-order bonuses for the Standard Edition:

● F1 World Starter Pack
● 5,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game

The F1 24 Standard Edition cost $69.99 on all platforms.

F1 24 Pre-Order Bonuses: Champions Edition

Unlike the F1 24 Standard Edition, the F1 24 Champions Edition contains several awesome pre-order bonuses, including:

● Limited time bonus: McLaren, Williams, Alpine, & Haas '24 liveries, plus the McLaren & Alpine F1 esports liveries, immediately in Time Trial in F1 23
● Limited time bonus: McLaren & Alpine F1 esports liveries in F1 24
● Limited time bonus: Second set of 2024 liveries in F1 23 after April 24th
● F1 TV Pro 1-month Subscription
● 3 Days Early Access
● Special Events with unlockable rewards (During Early Access Only)
● 1x VIP Podium Pass
● 2x New My Team Icons
● F1 World Bumper Pack
● 18,000 Pitcoins

The limited time bonuses are only available to those who pre-order the F1 24 Champions Edition by Apr. 24, 2024. Although you will still be able to pre-order the game after the deadline, you will not receive the liveries in both F1 23 Time Trial and F1 24.

The F1 24 Champions Edition costs $89.99. For an extra $20, fans get an additional 13,000 Pitcoins, early access, and more.

To pre-order F1 24, head to the store on your desired platform and complete the purchase.