EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Year Leak Has Major Implications for Meta

EA Sports

A new EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Year leak promises to have major implications on the game's meta moving forward if it proves to be true.

Team of the Year is around the corner and fans can't wait to dive into the first TOTY of the new FC era. Team of the Year is the most anticipated promotion each Ultimate Team cycle. These items are the most sought after in the game. TOTY cards receive the biggest statistical upgrades of any promo cards released, are insanely difficult to pack and they're usually game-breaking. Players end up saving packs days, weeks, even months in advance to make sure they have the best chance possible to get a First Owner.

FC 24's TOTY will feature a women's squad for the first time as well alongside a men's squad and the returning, leaked Team of the Year Icons. While that leak might've gotten players even more excited, the latest TOTY leak from reputable community source FutSheriff has major implications on the meta moving forward.

EA Sports FC 24 Team of the Year Leak Has Major Implications for Meta

According to FutSheriff, all Team of the Year cards will have two PlayStyle+ traits. For those who are Ultimate Team grinders, or those interested in getting back into FC 24 now that it's TOTY time, two PlayStyle+ traits will be game-breaking.

PlayStyles is a revamped system replacing the old, now-defunct Traits. PlayStyles impact how a player operates on the pitch. PlayStyles range from shooting, passing, defending, dribbling boosts and everything in-between. As well, there are upgraded versions called PlayStyles+ which give a greater overall boost to that specific trait. As we head into TOTY, items have been normally capped at one PlayStyle+ trait. FutSheriff leaks that all TOTY cards, whether men's, women's or Icons will have two PlayStyle+ traits.

Players are going to feel more overpowered than ever before. TOTY cards were already insanely difficult to play against in all areas of the pitch, but now they might feel straight up unstoppable. Imagine a TOTY Icon with Trivela+ and Finesse Shot+. It'll be even more difficult to try and read a player when attacking your 18-yard box.