EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 5: How to Claim for Free, Rewards

EA Sports / Prime Gaming

EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 5 is now available for Ultimate Team fans and Prime Gaming subscribers.

EA Sports and Prime Gaming have shared a successful partnership over the past few years allowing players who are subscribers to earn free rewards each month in Ultimate Team. Each month, FC Ultimate Team players can claim a special pack through Prime Gaming. For those who still don't know about Prime Gaming, it is Twitch's extension of Amazon Prime. Not only do subscribers get access to FC 24 rewards and a free Twitch subscription each month to use on their favorite streamer, but there's a host of other rewards as well.

The newest Prime Gaming Pack is now available for EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. Here's how to claim Prime Gaming Pack 5, the full list of rewards and how to open the pack.

EA FC 24 Prime Gaming Pack 5: How to Claim for Free, Rewards

Follow these steps to get Prime Gaming Pack 5:

  1. Make sure you have an active Prime Gaming subscription
  2. Make sure the correct EA FC account is linked to your Twitch account to ensure rewards are delivered to the correct place
  3. Head to the link here
  4. Click 'Get in-game content'
  5. Once confirmed, head to the Store in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. After logging in, players should receive a prompt stating they've successfully claimed the pack
  6. Open the pack and see what you get!

Here's the full list of rewards for Prime Gaming Pack 5:

  • 4x Gold Rare Players (Untradeable)
  • 1x Player Pick with min OVR 81+ (Untradeable)
  • 6x Rare Consumables
  • 1x Base Hero (15 games loan)

The Prime Gaming Packs have certainly decreased in value over the years. Fans have called into question whether or not these packs are even worth it overall anymore. Receiving a loan Hero at this point in the game doesn't do much for teams, and the lack of actual value is astonishing here.