5 Sports Video Game Franchises That Need to be Revived

These games shaped generations of gamers and sports fans alike. It is time to bring them back into modern culture and reinvigorate the magic that was brought to many of us.
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004 / Jim Rogash/GettyImages
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MX Unleashed

If you owned a PS2 in 2004, you witnessed greatness. This game is in the all time greats for sports video games. Blasting Headstrong by Trapt while you are ramping off of sand dunes, or racing your way through the storyline to unlock new racetracks and bikes with sponsored matching gear. Not very many video games you can say shaped your childhood and remain in existence at your core. But MX Unleashed had a magic to it that not many games have been able to do over history. It might be a niche market for the sporting world and might not lead to many sales, but gamers need this. We need the endless amounts of brain voiding to a great soundtrack.

NCAA Football

Saving the best for last. it has been over a decade sense we have been able to do Road to Glory. It has been over a decade since we have been able to do Dynasty Mode and create Division 1 powerhouse schools out of the Sun Belt Conference. We have not been able to play the mascot challenge! With the highly anticipated relaunch of College Football this coming summer, it has been long overdue. Football fans across the country are ready to fire up College Gameday on Saturday mornings, get the grill fired up with hamburgers and hot dogs, and turn the Xbox back on to play some NCAA Football.

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