5 Sports Video Game Franchises That Need to be Revived

These games shaped generations of gamers and sports fans alike. It is time to bring them back into modern culture and reinvigorate the magic that was brought to many of us.
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004 / Jim Rogash/GettyImages
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Fight Night

Notice how EA Sports is behind most of these once great sports franchises? Well the next entry was a fan favorite. Fight Night was the premier boxing video game. It had some of the best fighting mechanics, incredible career mode, and ESPN Classics where you can recreate legendary ring battles throughout boxing history. The rise of UFC in the 2010's led to the downfall of this once great sports franchise. With Floyd Mayweather becoming the biggest figure in sports and the new wave of entertainment revolving around boxing matchups involving the Paul brothers, the sport is not dead at all. PPV fights still have a major draw and continue to draw publicity across the country. Now we just need a next gen boxing game that can show the brutality in art form in a high resolution display.