5 Sports Video Game Franchises That Need to be Revived

These games shaped generations of gamers and sports fans alike. It is time to bring them back into modern culture and reinvigorate the magic that was brought to many of us.
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004 / Jim Rogash/GettyImages
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NFL Street

Everyone can all agree that we are tired of the copy paste method with Madden. EA Sports has no level of motivation because of the monopoly structure with NFL games. No competition leads to no creativity and no strive for improvement. What the NFL needs is a new wave of football games that think outside the box. With the league continuing to become softer with increased penalties, having some brutal hits would bring life back into most football fans lives. NFL Street could very well lead the new wave of creativity. The gauntlet of grinding through every team to steal their stars to build your ultimate powerhouse team to rule them all. In the mid 2000s, we had Marshall Faulk, Michael Vick, Randy Moss, and Ed Reed leading the style. Now we can have Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce, Jalen Hurts, and Christian McCaffrey be the new faces of street ball.