5 Sports Video Game Franchises That Need to be Revived

These games shaped generations of gamers and sports fans alike. It is time to bring them back into modern culture and reinvigorate the magic that was brought to many of us.
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004
Texas Rangers vs Boston Red Sox - July 10, 2004 / Jim Rogash/GettyImages
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The sports video game landscape is relatively straightforward in today's world. EA has a lock on European football, the NFL and NHL, 2K has the NBA and Sony has MLB. While there are other offerings for fans of certain sports, there are fan-favorite franchises from years past that need to be revived.

MVP Baseball

Arguably the greatest baseball game of all time. If not, one of the greatest video games in any genre. During EA Sports' peak, it was generational game after game in all sports. Madden had made such an impact to the NFL that they decided to give exclusive rights to EA after 2005. NBA Live was the flagship NBA game before NBA 2K would become established. Both games were filled with stars and fun game modes which really immersed fans into the imagination of being a part of the game. Then MVP Baseball 2005 came out. Stars like Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero, the list goes on. The iconic broadcast of Duane Kiper and Mike Krukow. The franchise mode that was so in depth, you felt like you owned a business entity at 7-years-old. The throwback stadiums and rosters that looked like they had the Ken Burns film aura to them. And lets not forget the most iconic part of the game: the soundtrack.