3 Features We Need to See in MLB The Show 24

Here are three features I want to see added or reworked in MLB The Show 24.
Oct 31, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks fans along with the Texas Rangers show
Oct 31, 2023; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks fans along with the Texas Rangers show / Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

MLB The Show 23 is nearing the end of its life cycle. The next MLB The Show game from San Diego Studios will soon be released. Each MLB The Show game comes with new features or old features that have been completely reworked. So, with MLB 24 likely to be announced soon, I want to discuss some features that I want to see in the next game. One thing I will be omitting here is sets. It’s not that I want to see them heavily reworked or taken out of the game completely, but I think it’s beating on a dead horse, to mention your dislike for sets.

Co-op Rework

Co-op works fine as is. They could leave it alone, and I’d be okay with it. But I think some things need either reworked or changed in MLB The Show 24. The first is to add stamina for starting pitchers. Right now, if you hop into a co-op game, there’s a 90% chance you will face Randy Johnson, John Donaldson, or Jesus Luzardo. It’s ridiculous there’s no cool-down, and these are the only guys you are facing.

The second is more rewards for co-op gameplay. Right now, the only awards you get for playing co-op are from the Ranked Seasons program and XP. I am not saying that SDS needs to shoe-horn in content for co-op and force players to play 2-vs-2 or 3-vs-3. But maybe just some sort of incentive for playing co-op and winning.

The last thing for co-op I want to see is a Parallel rework. As of right now, you can only have parallel cards if both players have that card paralleled. So for example, I have Francisco Lindor’s World Baseball Classic card at Parallel V. But my friend does not, their version is only Parallel I. We can only use the Parallel I version of that card. I think it would make for better gameplay if the Parallel of the card’s owner was active.

Knowing the Pitcher’s Handedness

When loading into a Diamond Dynasty game for MLB The Show 16, you were told whether you would be facing a left-handed pitcher or a right-handed pitcher. But, if memory serves me correctly, this was taken out of MLB The Show 17 and has since not returned. When MLB teams head into games, they know who they are facing. MLB The Show doesn’t have to go that far, but it would make line-up strategy and the bench much more important. The bench could also be more utilized now that everyone has a designated hitter.

An alternative is where you can create two different line-ups with the same squad. It would also add more line-up strategy if you would have to create two-line ups. If you were to face a righty, you would load into the game with your pre-set vs RHP line-up, and vice versa for if you are facing a lefty.

More Diamond Dynasty Customization

I think there are a lot of customization features in Diamond Dynasty that can be added or reworked to make a more unique experience. One thing I think would be cool is if we could design our own coaches and managers. This would not have an effect on gameplay, but it would be just a fun feature.

If we had more jersey customization options, that would be awesome. There could be alternative home/road jerseys that you could choose before starting a game. If they implement alternative jerseys, they can also implement a similar system to Franchise mode. Before starting a game on Franchise, you can choose what uniform you want, or create your own combination between the cap, jersey, and pants before playing. This would only add another layer of customization to jerseys and uniforms.