Morning DLC: Video Game News and Rumors 2/26/2016


"Available for £3.39, the Xbox 360 launch title is oft credited as the game that kicked off the Xbox Live Arcade revolution. Originally conceived as a mini-game in Bizarre Creations’ Project Gotham Racing 2, the twin-stick shooter was so addictive that the developer expanded it into its own game."

Geometry Wars Available on Xbox One

Geometry Wars is great. Geometry Wars is amazing. Geometry Wars is now backwards compatible on Xbox One. This is really good news for twin stick shooter fans whom also own an Xbox One. If you like Geometry Wars you should also check out the sequels. They are all a a great amount of fun, and a good bit of frustration but that only makes future success taste better.

"Bungie has announced Ride Along, its new behind-the-scenes livestream series.The weekly show will debut on March 2 and provide an insight into how Destiny is made, as well as “introduce you to the people who make your games”……Subsequent broadcasts will focus on a variety of game-making aspects, including audio, design, and insights into clan communities."

Ride Along With Bungie

The makers of Destiny would like to take you on a journey to see all about what they are doing while they are not releasing new content updates for Destiny for the next six months. The most interesting part of this will definitely be the audio and environmental design for me. For all of the issues with the rollout of Destiny and how it is being delivered, the audio for a sci-fi shooter is still amazing. The guns all sound so distinct. In addition, Russia may be at it’s prettiest when looked at from the height of the missile silos.

Still, if Bungie wants to win people over with how hard they are working on the game, they should release content which shows it a bit more. Maybe they use this time to develop some new tools that do not make things so difficult for them. Whatever the case, you can now follow along with them as they livestream their beautiful work in progress.

"“We want to increase the number of Canadian shareholders in Ubisoft to have better control over the capital. … We feel it’s a good defense.” – Ubisoft CEO Yves GuillemotUbisoft CEO looking to fight off potential hostile takeover from VivendiThis is becoming a more interesting story by the day. Vivendi, whom you all may remember recently purchased stock in Gameloft and Ubisoft, followed that up by quickly upping its stake in both companies. Vivendi once owned Activision Blizzard before a buyback sent the major publisher private. Now they look to be getting back into gaming through a hostile takeover of Gameloft and Ubisoft. So much so, the CEO of Ubisoft issued the followed quote to a Canadian newspaper.A forced marriage with Vivendi would certainly change things for Ubisoft in a big way and would definitely change things for CEO Yves Guillemot. It makes sense Ubisoft would fight this incursion on their business and the way they do things. Fans of Ubisoft should also consider that many of the changes they had recently announced for series like Assassin’s Creed would need to be closely watched as new ownership would inevitably mean many of the prior plans could be altered.That’s your morning DLC. Happy Friday, Readers! Published on 02/26/2016 at 11:47 AM ESTLast updated on 02/26/2016 at 4:41 PM EST “We want to increase the number of Canadian shareholders in Ubisoft to have better control over the capital. … We feel it’s a good defense.”"