Nien Nunb and Greedo Teased For Battlefront DLC


Greedo and Han Solo may be competing to shoot first once more…

Fresh on the heels of a free, new content update for Star Wars Battlefront earlier this week, DICE have teased the first upcoming DLC pack for the game, Outer Rim, with an image that suggests some familiar faces will be making an appearance.

Writing in the game’s community forums, a DICE community manager disclosed that the studio is “coming up on the full reveal and release of the first pack within the Season Pass, Outer Rim. Look for details on more maps, weapons, star cards, heroes, level cap increase, and an all-new multiplayer game mode”.

More importantly, however, posted in the thread was a promo image for Outer Rim, in which Star Wars characters Greedo and Nien Nunb can be very clearly seen shooting at one another right in the center of the battle depicted. Check it out below:

This is hardly a confirmation of their inclusion, but could these two perhaps be the new skins or even heroes that Dice has been talking about?

Outer Rim releases on March 12th and is said to be set on Sullust, Nuen Nunb’s home planet and Jabba’s Palace on Tatooine. You can either buy the content separately, or as part of the $50 dollar season pass, which will net you all of the upcoming expansion packs for this year.

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