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Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 2/17/2016


"Besides putting much of its catalog on sale SEGA is giving games away completely free on Steam.The first “Make War Not Love 3” prize bundle includes the HD remake of its still gorgeous Jet Set Radio. In addition installing the pack will gift you with Golden Axe, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and its assorted add-ons, as well as a collection of Genesis games.IGN"

This sale also includes a 75% discount on SEGA’s war games, all until February 20th, so grab your games while you can. There was recently a buzz of renewed interest in Jet Set Radio when Splatoon came out, given the similar atmospheres of the two games. If you enjoyed the hip and happening, fashion-conscious world of the Inklings, you might like Jet Set Radio, too. And given that these “Prize Bundles” are numbered, we might end up getting more free and seriously discounted games in the future!

"Analyst DFC has warned Nintendo about what it perceives as the danger of launching the NX console in 2016.[..]However, regardless of the specifics, any planned launch in 2016 would place the NX up against the storm of interest surrounding the VR trio of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR – and that’s a recipe for disaster, DFC predicts.MCV"

Let’s be clear–we have no idea if the NX is coming this year or not. We don’t really know anything about the NX, short of it being a gaming console of some sort. And while I’ll leave the analysis to the experts, Nintendo’s track record indicates that it would be targeting a very different audience than the VR systems would. Nintendo consoles are traditionally cheaper, family-friendly systems. VR seems to be aiming for solo players with a lot of money to spend. It’s hard to make any serious predictions without knowing more, but calling the NX doomed if it launched in 2016 sounds a tad extreme.

"Tron Run/r is out of Steam Early Access. The behind-the-back endless runner with light combat mechanics has a lot of style, and is also out now PlayStation 4.The Xbox One version has been delayed to March 1, according to the Xbox Store. It’s priced $20/ £15 on all platforms.VG 24/7"

Check out the trailer:

We don’t see a lot of endless runner-style games, and Tron Run/r is a gorgeous take on the genre. There are 32 total levels, and combat/action mechanics to shake up the gameplay. Admittedly, this looks more like a mobile game than a console title, but if people are willing to pay for the game and enjoy it, that shouldn’t matter.