Morning DLC: Dark Souls News & Rumors 2/16/2016


President’s Day weekend marked a bevy of Dark Souls news, rumors and leaks. Time to catch you up in a special Morning DLC.

"Looking ever-forward, we now know that Dark Souls III has a pair of add-ons planned for post-release. This news comes about two months before the game’s launch, courtesy of an Xbox Australia leak.The listing doesn’t contain much in the way of specifics, simply stating that there are “new maps, bosses, enemies, and additional weapon and armor sets.” Predictably, there’s a season pass that offers the two DLC packs at a discount. The price of the season pass wasn’t disclosed."


The Souls series has been consistently excellent in their DLC content, to the point that a trilogy of post-launch releases actually redeemed the narrative, gameplay and lore of Dark Souls II. Despite being months from release, there is enough trust in the From Software name that we should expect nothing but an honest push of content over two Dark Souls III DLC packs. Whether you want to put your money down before reviews for the DLC drop, now that’s an entirely different story.

Wario64 on Twitter

(Note that the Xbox Store price picture is in AUD)

Despite an overal lack of interest in last-gen games on current-gen consoles, Dark Souls on Xbox One through the Xbox 360 BC is another great get for Microsoft. Even better is the idea to bundle it for free with a Dark Souls III pre-order, trying to establish Microsoft’s latest console as the 8th-gen destination for the series. That won’t negate the creation and existence of the supremely excellent Bloodborne, but at least they’re not going down without a fight.

"For the first time ever, one Dark Souls player on Twitch has done the seeming impossible: finish the game without ever taking damage.Last night, streamer The_Happy_Hobbit, who regularly shares his Dark Soulsplaythroughs on his Twitch channel, broadcast his impressive run through the game. The eight-hour archival video is available above, giving a look into the especially talented player’s run through FromSoftware’s brutally hard game."


Some people take the advice “get gud” to heart, and then there is The_Happy_Hobbit. Dark Souls is difficult to master, eventually opening up to an easier experience once you re-train your brain to learn its systems. That involves knowing what lies in what, how enemies will attack, executing an attack and licking your wounds. Reaching a level when you’re completeing the game without a hit landing on your character requires extreme dedication and practice, so give credit where credit’s due.