Next Splatfest Is Super Effective!


Splatoon’s next Splatfest is a battle for the generations…well, maybe just the first generation.

The epic battle continues! Pokemon news is more prevalent than Zubat in Mt. Moon this month, and now that Mario Maker has jumped in on the action, the Splatoon inklings have to join, too. The next Splatfest has just been announced, and it’s a battle between old-school versions of Pokemon. Kids and Squids can choose to represent Pokemon Red (booooo) or the obviously superior Pokemon Blue!

Hop into Splatoon anytime between now and the 20th to choose your team, then duke it out against other trainers next weekend, from 10 PM PT on the 19th to the same time on the 20th. All participants will be rewarded with Super Sea Snails, but to the victors go the majority of the spoils. Ranked mode won’t be available during this time, but three maps (complete with celebratory fireworks, lighting, and music) will be in rotation for the duration of the competition.

First Mario Maker, now Splatoon? We knew Pokemon would be pulling out all the stops, but I’m surprised that other games are getting in on the fun, too. Expect to see all sorts of spiffy Pokemon merchandise, references, and general celebration for the remainder of the month and on into the rest of the year. Happy 20th anniversary, Pokemon! Stay fresh!