Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 2/12/2016


"In a financial call last night, Activision said Guitar Hero Live, which launched last year against direct competitor Rock Band 4, suffered “lower than expected performance”. That’s corporate speak for didn’t sell well enough.It was a similar story for Rock Band 4, whose publisher Mad Catz cut 37 per cent of staff after Rock Band “sell-through was lower than originally forecast”. This, Mad catz said, resulted in “higher inventory balances as well as lower margins due to increased promotional activity with retailers”. In other words, Rock Band 4 didn’t sell well enough, so shops cut the price, resulting in less money coming in to Mad Catz."

Rock Band and Guitar Hero Live Sales were below expectations

It was supposed to be the return of hours of playing with your friends in your dorms, houses, apartments, but it seems like the return of the music genre was a wee bit oversold. It had been around 4 years since the last Guitar Hero release after both Harmonix and Activision beat the horse until it was dry up to that point. While Activision has noted they will not be releasing a new Guitar Hero during this console cycle, they have noted they will continue to release new songs for the “platform” that is Guitar Hero.

Harmonix, on the other hand, will be continuing to pump out free content updates for Rock Band 4 and adding to their downloads. Unfortunately, they have an even bigger hurdle to climb in that so many of the licensed content they touted as being available for release was unavailable outside of the US. Plenty of European fans of the series were most upset about this.


Fallout updates that there will soon be an announcement about updates

Have you been playing hours of Fallout 4 and wondering where any of this will end up? Did you buy the season pass 3 months ago and now you are wondering whether or not it was a mistake? Have you been pining for a new way to play your favorite game franchise that plays on the possibilities of nuclear fallout?

Then you are in luck because Bethesda will soon update about the updates soon to be announced as an update on the status of the game and all the content you surely would like to see updated.

"In their end-of-quarter financial report, Ubisoft confirmed that it is working on a sequel to Watch Dogs and that it will be due out in the next fiscal year. Seeing as that ends in April 2017, we have at most 14 months to wait for Aiden ‘bought all my clothes from GAME’ Pierce’s oh-so-triumphant return."

Watch Dogs 2 will be out by next April?

Watch Dogs, the much anticipated, then maligned, then indifferently pushed aside title from Ubisoft will be getting a sequel. Given the extra time in development and the extra space between its release, maybe this game will look like the game everyone was so hyped about from the first game demo that was shown at E3 many moons ago.

Yeah, I would not hold my breath for it either. That said, I do think Watch Dogs 2 will be a rather good game. The first game was rough in many ways but had very good core concepts. It would not be the first time Ubisoft has taken good concepts and taken a sequel to new heights.

Happy Friday, readers.