$10m Dying Light Special Edition Lets You Become A Movie Star

A posting on GAME, shows off a special “Spotlight Edition” of the game Dying Light. Check out the breakdown of the offer below: /

Is there even a Dying Light movie coming out? No. Will one ever exist? I am sure the person who pays the $10 million would be footing the bill for it if that is the case. Where is Martin Shkreli to try to take the fun away from all of this? Before we get too caught in whether or not the movie exists, let us run a search and see the first result for Dying Light movie:

Dying of the Light
Dying of the Light /

Oh. My. God. Could we maybe be seeing a sequel to this blockbuster? Is that what this movie will be? Think about it Techland. Make a movie about zombies in a world where everyone is dying? Orrrr, a movie with a real life acting zombie in Nicholas Cage who would definitely sign up for like $10,000 so he can pay the property tax on one of his houses? I definitely would choose the latter.