Unsung Story Is Likely Never Coming Out


The latest update from Unsung Story’s Kickstarter page prints a grim picture of the game’s future

Unsung Story has already faced a host of development issues since successfully getting funding from it’s Kickstarter program two years ago. Unsung Story was the next project from Yasumi Matsuno, director of Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story, and promised to be a tactical rpg in the vein fans of Matsuno’s games were familiar with. Originally scheduled for July 2015 release, the game had already been officially delayed days after it was supposed to come out, along with a controversial change to a focus on a multi-player component rather than the single-player experience backers were originally sold on.

Unsung Story developer Playdeck released an update today on their Kickstater page that puts the future of the project in doubt. You can read the full statement here, but the statement essentially says that due to key staff members leaving and development setbacks, they are indefinitely postponing Unsung Story‘s development, claiming that they will focus on other projects “in the near term.”

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Kickstarter-funded projects being indefinitely shelved is certainly not a new thing, but Unsung Story is possibly the highest profile one to date, coming from a well-respected director of past hits of the caliber of games like Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. While plenty of Kickstarter-funded projects do see release, this is another case of being very careful what projects you give your money to. Will Unsung Story ever see the light of day? The only way I see that happening is if say one of the big three console makers pays for it to be an exclusive. We here at GameSided will update you readers if Unsung Story‘s well, story will get to be told.

h/t Game Informer