Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 2/2/2016


"Ubisoft has formally announced Assassin’s Creed Identity, the franchise’s first action-RPG. The game will be coming exclusively to iOS on February 25.After its soft-release in New Zealand and Australia in 2014, Identity will finally be launching worldwide this month. The game returns the series to the Italian Renaissance, and players can revisit the historic settings of Florence and Rome as they work to become a master assassin.Game Informer"

Even if Ubisoft is allegedly taking a break from dropping main Assassin’s Creed installments every year, it is to be expected that we’ll see a few mobile games slip in. Identity allows you to create and customize your assassin (to a point; it’s all dudes, again!) as one of four classes, and run around Italy training to become a master assassin. There’s in-app purchases and a little bit of backstory on the First Civilization, but otherwise Identity seems to fall into line as another hum-drum mobile game with an Assassin’s Creed logo on it.

"YouTuber ICEnJAM took sound clips of the Vault-Tec representative you meet at the start of Fallout 4, and used them to cold-call strangers. The result was hilarity.Kotaku"

Here’s a lovely bit of humor for your morning. This guy uses the voice clips from the Vault-Tech Rep in Fallout 4 to talk to strangers over the phone about “Fallout Shelters”, questioning them on their preparedness for nuclear fallout, and generally annoying the crud out of one guy. If you’re a Fallout fan you’ll definitely get a good chuckle from this.

"Although Splatoon‘s regular content updates came to an end last month, I’m sure Nintendo will be popping in occasionally to spice things up. At a recent tournament for the game producer Hisoshi Nogami confirmed just that, noting there might be another surprise in store for fans.According to a translation, Nogami said something to the effect of, “We announced that updates to the game would end in January but I’m starting to wonder if we can’t organize a little something else.” Given the game’s success, I can definitely see that happening. Plus, there’s always the rumor of the new amiibo.Destructoid"

YES. We’ve officially run out of new Splatoon content, and Super Smash Bros DLC is coming to an end as well, so it would be awesome to have something else to look forward to. Perhaps the rumored Octoling skins that hackers managed to break the game with awhile back? At the very least, I’m hoping for more Splatfests.