Final Fantasy XV Release Date Being Announced March 30th


In 59 days, we will know when to expect Final Fantasy XV to come out

Is Final Fantasy XV really coming out this year? Square Enix claims it is. They are so sure of it, they announced a date to announced the release date. They are so sure about it they are having an entire event based around Final Fantasy XV and announcing the release date, which is March 30th.

The event itself will be called Final Fantasy XV uncovered, which I kind of wonder what there is left to uncover after years of videos and an hours-long demo being released. It will be hosted by Greg Miller & Tim Gettys of Kinda Funny fame March 17th at 7pm in the Hollywood Shrine Auditorium. You can RSVP for Final Fantasy XV Uncovered at the official website. Can’t attend? Not to worry, Square Enix will be streaming the event live on both their Youtube and Twitch channels. This information came to light during last night’s Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV, which also introduced a new character, Aranea Highwind, Aranea Highwind is a Dragoon who is the commander of Niflheim’s Third Army Corps 87th Airborne Division. You can see a picture of her below:

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During the Active Time Event, it was also revealed that we may get another demo before Final Fantasy XV‘s actual release, but assuming that’s happening, there won’t be any more details until the March 30th event. Square Enix is pretty much swearing that by hell or highwater, we will be playing the full version of Final Fantasy XV this year, and if they are basing a huge event around it, I believe them. When do you think the latest main entry in the storied Final Fantasy Franchise will come out? We’ll hopefully for sure find out on March 30th.

h/t IGN