The Creepiest Moment in Gravity Rush Remastered

Gravity Rush™ Remastered_20160128204620
Gravity Rush™ Remastered_20160128204620 /

Gravity Rush Remastered is a beautiful game, but it does have some rather creepy characters and moments in it.

My full review of Gravity Rush Remastered is already out on the site, but I just wanted to share with you all one of the creepiest moments in Gravity Rush Remastered. As you travel the world collecting gems and tackling the various tasks, you also encounter this creepy old man, Gade, who also refers to himself as a Creator. He is a bit of a sage character to your oblivious protagonist, Kat. Before you go on to bring back more of the city of Hekseville, he always shows up as a guide.

Gravity Rush™ Remastered Creepy Old man 2
Gravity Rush™ Remastered Creepy Old man 2 /

That seems innocent enough, right. What happens next gets a bit creepy. The man just opens up his trench coat…

Gravity Rush™ Remastered_CreepyOldMan
Gravity Rush™ Remastered_CreepyOldMan /

The only things that are missing here is the full-size white van and some candy. At first, even your mostly-oblivious character questions it… Just staring into the abyss.

Gravity Rush™ Remastered Creepy Situation
Gravity Rush™ Remastered Creepy Situation /

Then Kat jumps in and everything changes around as you work through the shadow world to restore another part of the city. Eventually, you get through the gravity world and return back to normal, but each time before you enter, things get a bit creepy. I guess we should be thankful this character was not voiced by Bill Cosby!