Molyneux Announces Retirement Via Twitter…Or Not


In an unexpected announcement today on Twitter, Peter Molyneux, creator of Godus and the Fable series, stated that he intends to retire from game development completely. A few moments later, however, Molyneux claimed his account had been hacked, and that none of his prior statements (including removing Godus from Steam) were actually him.

Here’s the full set of Tweets (in chronological order from top to bottom):


What a bizarre series of events. Retirement certainly seemed out of character for Molyneux, who seems determined to persist in futile projects such as Godus, and the description of Fable III as a big mistake was terribly depressing for those of us who enjoyed the title. Of course, none of it was true.

It’s fortunate that he picked up on the problem so quickly, though it’s anyone’s guess why whatever hacker is responsible picked such specific, dramatic statements to make, knowing they would eventually be rebuffed.

Anyway, Molyneux is staying in the game and will likely be in it for the long haul.