Pokemon Super Bowl Spot Is The Very Best


If sports aren’t your thing, but Pokemon is, you may have been planning on checking into the Super Bowl on February 7th for a glimpse of the promised Pokemon Super Bowl commercial. No need to wait another two weeks, though, because Pokemon has officially revealed its Super Bowl TV spot on its official YouTube channel. Take a look:

Watching that commercial is a mix of hype and disappointment. On one hand, it’s more a shout-out to Pokemon’s 20th anniversary rather than anything concrete. There’s nothing in there specifically about Pokemon Go, or Pokken, or whatever exciting new main series offering we’re sure to see this year (right?). That being said, it still carries an inexplicable thrill to it. Look at those guys! Running up mountains, kicking butt at chess, playing football…and training Pokemon!

Above everything, what I love most about this commercial is that it highlights one of the series’ running themes–that Pokemon unites people who are otherwise totally different and far apart. That total strangers miles away can come together and become friends based on a shared love of Pokemon is idealistic, to be sure, but may be coming closer and closer to reality as Pokemon Go nears an expected release. And who knows what else is in store this year?