Final New Splatoon Stage Is Full Of Fans


Surprise! Splatoon’s still not done updating. Though we should see an end to the steady stream of new content sometime in the next month or so, Squid Research Labs is dropping one last stage before they close up shop. And this one has some new and interesting gimmicks.

From the official Splatoon tumblr, this is Ancho-V Games–the studios of the developers who brought you Squid Jump and the other arcade games in Inkopolis plaza. The developers are (of course) all jellyfish, but they won’t mind if a bunch of inklings trash their studio, right?

The map is full of fans, familiar to those who’ve played the campaign. The fans can be shot with ink to raise and lower platforms all across the stage, and there’s plenty of levels all over the studio to give multiple vantage points for inking. If you look at the screenshots below, you can also see hazards such as grates, desks usable as platforms, and (thanks goodness) no water.

tumblr_o1a5e6pHqn1u3akyno3_1280 /
tumblr_inline_o1a5r087K81t4m0j9_1280 /
tumblr_o1a5e6pHqn1u3akyno1_540 /

Ancho-V Games will be a part of the regular stage rotation beginning today at 6:00 pm PT. This is the final new stage to be added to Splatoon, so get as much use out of it as possible! As usual when they add a new stage, it’s likely to be featured in the rotation heavily for its opening weekend, so you’re not likely to miss its debut.