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Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 1/11/2016


"French hypermarket chain E.Leclerc has listed the Enhanced Edition of the TW3 as coming 5th of next month according to their online site. Credit to Renae for the tip.…Update: two sites are now listing the same date.Update 2: Two CDPR employees (Michal PG, Burza46) in addition to the official Witcher Twitter have all confirmed with identical replies there’s no Enhanced Edition and it was an error."

Coreda  on NeoGAF

Well, that’s certainly one way to get excited, and bummed out, for a possibly fictional thing all at once! Considering almost everyone and their grandma and grandpa has played or owned The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015, such a version that packs both expansions coming out in February makes little sense. I mean, we still don’t know when the next expansion is supposed to drop, so having an “Enhanced Edition” ready so close to the expansion dropping seems to go against support fans have provided with full retail plus DLC release so far.

"…Nintendo places a protective piece of material underneath every amiibo, which means someone must open or carefully tear through the box if they want to use it without opening it. That isn’t an issue with the Shovel Knight amiibo.Yacht Club Games did not include the protective material. This means the amiibo can be held, in box, over the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad or Nintendo New 3DS touchscreen and read. A friend of mine told me he was able to do so with his, so I tried it for myself. While it is a bit cumbersome, especially on a New 3DS XL, it does work."


It’s fascinating to see people who deeply care about amiibo and the amiibo “culture” upset that more amiibo don’t act like this. Considering how Indie company Yacht Club Games, who spent years producing and developing Shovel Knight on their own, went about producing their own line of toys and slipped up in the protective sheet portion of toy production, you should consider that, financially, this might not have been in their best interests.

Bringing a 3DS or GamePad to a store, taking the DLC digitally and walking out is possible, and celebration that it’s possible to do this without opening the “collectible” box is defeatist of what it means to make a toy.

"A man in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvannia turned himself into police last week after having been caught on camera at a local Target location where he exposed himself and urinated on merchandise.According to police, after entering the store Tuesday evening, the man took a joyride in an electric handicap cart and drove around the store before stopping in the electronics aisle, where he removed his urine soaked pants and voided his bladder on video games before leaving the scene."


As someone who has worked retail, I can only imagine the horror of the workers at that Target as this unfolded in front of their very eyes. The briefest notion that the guy was specifically targeting video games does bring up a lot of questions, however. Was he angry about a certain recent release? Did video games destroy his marriage? Was it just the insane reactions of a toxically drunk person? We’ll never know.