Morning DLC: Video Game News & Rumors 1/8/2016


"In an e-mail interview, Descent co-creator Matt Toschlog explained that he and his partner Mike Kulas still own the copyright to their first-person shooter games. Although their company Parallax doesn’t own the Descent trademark—that belongs to Interplay—they should be getting royalties for sales of the games they created, Toschlog said."


It is always sad when a game developer and a publisher get into arguments, especially when it’s as old an IP as a game like Descent. You would think an old school publisher would have its ducks in a row. Instead, it seems Interplay, whom also once published Fallout, seems intent on teasing royalty payments and not actually committing to them.

"During Palmer Luckey’s evening AMA on Reddit, fans were petitioning the company to remove the Rift’s audio tech and packaged Xbox One controller to bring the price down. That’s denial, anger and bargaining, guys. Let’s skip the fourth stage of grief and jump to the end: acceptance. The Oculus Rift’s launch price is completely normal."


Ah, humanity never ceases to amaze in our forgetfulness. Oculus Rift will be launching at a much higher than anticipated price point and like with many things, the internet was outraged. Here is a calm take from Sean Buckley at Engadget that not only goes into a brief of history of other consumer good launch prices, but also why the Oculus Rift is so expensive. The biggest reason: it’s not made from spare parts of your iPhone anymore.

I remember when the Oculus Rift did not even have headphones designed into the case and now you are getting that along with other hardware upgrades and an Xbox One controller (I see you sewing those seeds, Microsoft!). $600 actually seems really cheap to me for what this technology is actually doing. I tried Google Cardboard the other day and in just one video I understood all of VR’s possibilities. If it works as everyone wants? You will not feel bad for making this $600 investment into your own entertainment at all.

"Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is getting a beta. Players wanting to jump in on some plant-and-zombie action before launch will be able to do so this month."


Did you play the last Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare? If not, you missed on a bit of very fun entertainment for you and the family. If that sounds interesting to you, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has a beta coming to PS4 and Xbox One between January 14-January 18, 2016. You should sign up, check out the beta, and see if you and the family may enjoy the game in the future.