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Game of the Year 2015 – #7: Batman: Arkham Knight (80 points – one 1st place votes, 2 votes)

Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

When criticism of your game boils down to the overuse of the Batmobile, you know that you have an excellent title, otherwise, on your hands. Such is the case with Batman: Arkham Knight, a rightful end to the Arkham series of comic book adaptation games.

Players control Bruce Wayne as Gotham becomes subject to a specialized toxin that causes anyone who comes in contact with it to go certifiably insane, driven to mercilessly attacking anyone on sight. It’s all thanks to Scarecrow, who has a new #2 working under him: the Arkham Knight. He has met Batman before, vowing to take revenge for his misdeeds of the past.

There is so much content to enjoy in Arkham Knight, including taking down numerous side operations that involve infamous Batman villains. Two-Face’s bank robberies, The Penguin’s underground gun operation, Firefly’s acts of treason; each aspect of completing the game 100% utilizes the best parts of the series. Hiding the true ending behind solving all of The Riddler’s “clues” may be a bit harsh, but traveling around the gorgeously-rendered Gotham City made the experience that much more enjoyable. A fitting end to an excellent open-world superhero action video game series.

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