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Game of the Year 2015 – #8: Undertale (75 points – one 1st place vote, two total votes)

Developer: tobyfox

Publisher: tobyfox

Undertale is special not just for its unique gameplay, witty storytelling or enigmatic music, but also for how many traditional RPG conventions it happened to break in the process. It’s a game that takes multiple narrative paths, false endings and dialogue options while being start-to-finish playable in single-digit hours. It’s a game with Colecovision-inspired graphics that showcases a wide selection of varied and inspired monster designs, aesthetics and characters. It’s a game where you can kill everything without mercy, yet you are almost encouraged to never take out your sword once.

Undertale is, at its core, what video games should strive for; to be a fun adventure. Better yet, Undertale is genuinely strong in its humor, playing both into video game tropes while simultaneously flipping them (and their expectations) on their heads. Players who go into the game with clear eyes and full hearts will never lose their determination, leaving a rewarding, memorable and, arguably, important gameplay experience that a much wider audience than strictly PC users should try out at least once.

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