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Game of the Year 2015 – #9 Dying Light (88 points – four total votes)

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Zombies have been done to literal death, but not too many do them in an open world setting. DayZ is a neverending progress towards a truly open, truly alone venture, but nobody does story-based, open world action quite like Techland. Dying Light is a natural progression from their methods, bringing intensive cycles between day and night action that breathes new life into the genre.

The game doesn’t try to gross or freak you out, but more scare the living daylights out of you with gameplay. Nighttime runs bring out bonuses for survival, but monsters become exponentially greater in power and speed. Get caught, and you’ll find yourself in a full-out dash, throwing out traps and doing anything you can to avoid the onslaught in hot pursuit.

Dying Light also relies on its RPG elements to separate itself from the pack. Complete with progression points, your ability to traverse, take down opponents and strategize your defensive strategies, you make the gameplay how you want it. With an expansion pack coming in the future, this zombified world is your oyster.

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