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Daniel’s Game of the Year #4 – Rocket League

A great way to get people to play your game? Give it solid fundamentals, give out preview builds to Youtube/Twitch creators to hype it up ahead of launch and when the time comes to release, just give it away for free! (on PS4) That’s just part of the surprise success story behind Rocket League, which combines oversized soccer with battle-hardened cars and vans in the ultimate couch and online multiplayer sports game of the year.

What makes the game work is its physics. Rocket League plays fast but contains a boost mechanic that works specifically on the X, Y and Z axis. Top-level play can have teams of three juggle the oversized ball from one side of the arena to the other while the opponents use boost to float into the air to make saves on their net. Even basic play can have players jump, boost into the air to get the ball and angle the ball downward, creating a ton of scoring chances.

By throwing out the book of logic to emphasize wacky, replayable and rewarding fun, Rocket League came out of nowhere to get instant respect, recognition and desire by gaming fans and critics, alike.

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