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Daniel’s Game of the Year #6 – Undertale

Inspired. If Undertale should be described with only one word, inspired seems most appropriate. There is no other way to describe an RPG that gives you multiple paths and endings to play, insist on playing a certain path and play counter to every expectation you have.

It’s hilarious! It plays to a cute crowd, but in a rambunctious, coy way that tips its cap. Toby Fox, the creator of the game, has a certain knack for creating lovable characters that can live out their own lives in conjunction with yours, play out very specific character arcs that build to a crescendo slowly over hours and absolutely nail the landing once it’s time to get to the punchline.

While I would like to leave most of the game up to a reader’s imagination if they haven’t played Undertale yet (seriously, buy it!), I have to say that the game sports the best non-orchestrated soundtrack of 2015. It contains tracks that pump you up, set the scene’s feeling, play up the dramatic irony or make you feel true emotional turmoil.

Undertale is a rollercoaster of feelings, gameplay styles, storytelling arcs and well-delivered mysteries.

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