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Daniel’s Game of the Year #7 – Fallout 4

The sheer versatility of Fallout 4 lets me play it like a Swiss Army Knife; ready for whatever game task I require of it. Sometimes you feel like protecting settlements, sometimes you want to build some stuff, sometimes, just like in the E3 2015 debut trailer, you just want to f— some s— up. The freedom of exploration and expression in creation gives Fallout 4 some added legs, built upon a lengthy, solid questing system that goes on for days.

Troubling, however, is the dialogue wheel situation. A situation that sees a game that has been hyped up for five years fall short in its execution is a dire sight to see, and this game should have been a Top 3 candidate just for existing. Instead, you have protagonist answers that provide vague options, similar answers or straight up lies, unless you follow a strict “good, neutral, sarcastic, bad” system that the game seems to push towards.

That doesn’t mean that traveling throughout the irradiated Boston area isn’t a delight; it’s just that this should have carried the action-RPG series well into the rest of the generation. Instead, Fallout 4 is a great game amongst greater titles.

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