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Daniel’s Game of the Year #10 – Super Mario Maker

When I first reviewed Super Mario Maker, it had one major caveat holding it back from being considered an all-time great; you had to unlock all your tools piecemeal, day by day for more than a week. It was the kind of “Nintendo move” that’s so frustrating; the one where they act on the player’s behalf for the greater good, even if it means babying or babysitting for grown adults playing video games who want to play at their own pace.

Thankfully, that aspect was removed before launch due to criticism and let players play around in their sandbox from the get-go. That’s what truly makes Super Mario Maker special; getting to figure out for yourself what works and what doesn’t. It’s that kind of time that’s necessary to determine how you spend most of your time with this game. Personally, I’m not nearly creative enough to make something new that online players haven’t tried before, so playing online courses is the way to go.

That’s the hidden magic of Super Mario Maker; it’s a creation engine and entertainment hub primed for dozens of hours of challenges, laughs, special moments and unending hellscapes. Thanks, Nintendo, for loosening the Mario leash!

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