Madden 16 Simulation: The NFL Playoffs

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Pittsburgh Steelers (24) at Cincinnati Bengals (27)

We’ve got bonus football! When 60 minutes isn’t enough to decide a winner, bring on overtime!

This was a tight back-and-forth game from the very beginning. Pittsburgh took an early 10 point lead, only to see Cincinnati answer with a TD. Pittsburgh pushed their lead to 21-7, and the Bengals answered with back-to-back TD drives to tie the game.

The Steelers got the ball first in overtime, and a quick 27-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown had Pittsburgh just outside field goal range. The Bengals answered with two sacks to force a punt.

A 41-yard run by Giovani Bernard just three plays later put the Bengals in position kick the game winner.

Without either Le’Veon Bell or D’Angelo Williams in the backfield, Pittsburgh’s entire offense came through the air. The finished with only 32 rushing yards, which was a big part of their inability to hold onto the lead.

For the Bengals, their commitment to the run (even when behind) was the key to their comeback. AJ McCarran only completed 48 percent of his passes and finished with just 161 passing yards.

The Bengals survived, and will get Andy Dalton back for the next game.

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