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Game of the Year #3 – Destiny The Taken King

The game that features at least three different games in one. You have a player vs. environment story based around the arrival of The Taken King here to take retribution against you for what you did to his son. You have several open-world environments to explore with friends and strangers featuring public events, rolling story missions, bounties, and special events like Sparrow League Racing. Lastly, you have a player vs. player mode wherein you can leverage all your weapons and armor against other players in daily events, weekly specials, and special events like the Iron Banner to raise your light level.

I had a ton of fun with Destiny The Taken King. The restructured mission system and the much better-executed story missions were right up my alley. It was not the only science fiction universe with specialized player type this year, but it was the best executed regarding gameplay with a fascinating story to boot.

I still have some issues with Destiny, but this game was so good it made me want them fixed so I could enjoy it more as opposed to being completely frustrated by them. This is my favorite first person shooter since Metroid Prime and this year it comes in at no. Three on my game of the year list.

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